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Welcome to the Brewery's Dalmatian Breeding Project Page! Here you will find the key players in the Brewery's purebred, NIB (non inbred) Dalmatian lines, as well as a log of the breeding process that stretched to eight generations! This project also resulted in the Neat Sodapup, a variety that is purebred and NIB like the Dalis. See the full story below, or use these handy links to jump down the page! Visit the Epilogue for our Dali breeding service and Dalmatian projects beyond the Brewey!

This project now has a part II! Visit to discover the Dragon Fruit Dali!



Gen 1

Last updated: 28/02/21


I'm not entirely sure how I arrived at this conclusion (my brain is boggled from all the spots I've been seeing), but I realised that I'm going to need about 128 first gen Adoption Center Dalmatians. That is 64 pairs that will breed down until I have two seven-gen Dalmatians that are not related to each other. With this pair of seven-gen Dalis, I will be able to breed eight-gen pups. Why am I doing this? I'm not entirely sure, but I have always wanted my own lines of purebred NIB Dalmatians and I thought why not get the family tree as full as can be while I'm at it. I've also recently been inspired by the beautiful Dalis shown in forums by Amanda at Cargo and Salem at Mos Eisley. Dalmatians are my all-time favourites, so to have more of my own to show alongside Diamonds in the showrings would bring me great personal satisfaction!


To further complicate it for myself there are a few features that I want to make sure are present in the final gene pool: ginger eyes, white ears, white eyelids and lots of spots. (I've seen many embark on spotless Dali breeding projects which are really cool and any spot-lacking Dalmatians I encounter on the way I'll be keeping too, just in case. My personal preference though, is lots of spots!) Pink eyes are also on my list, as one of my original pairs spontaneously gave some pink-eyed pups! These preferences mean I have to be selective about the offspring I choose to breed at each stage of the process. Phew! I'm really hoping for a white-lidded, pink eyed Dali to appear, but other than that if I'm able to make these features appear most of the time, I'm happy!


Diamond & Cooly, one of my many first-gen AC pairs

Momoiro x Mikan

Last updated: 21/02/21

After lots of puppy producing, the project is almost half way! 

Momoiro gen.png

Momoiro here is six-gen, the product of 16 pairs of first-gen Dalmatians. Her great-great-great grandparents Black Widow and Hulk, spontaneously produced a litter of pink-eyed pups and this feature was passed down to Momo! She also carries spot-lacking in the ears and a gorgeous spot pattern - I particularly love her freckles!


Momoiro and her pet profile

Momoiro is paired with Mikan who sports ginger eyes and white eyelids. Like Momo, Mikan is the product of a separate family of 32 first-gen Dalmatians (16 pairs). This means 64 Dalmatians had to be adopted to bring this pair together! Right now, I'm not prepared to do the maths to find out how many total Dalmatians are present in their family trees, but let me tell you, it is a fair few! One small spanner in the works, is that Mikan carries grey lids as well as his white ones. It was necessary for the project to ensure that his offspring with Momoiro only inherited the eyelids displayed by both parents. 

Mikan, 6th Gen

Hadairo: Halfway

Last updated: 21/02/21

Hadairo genes.png
Hadairo gen.png

Hadairo is the chosen offspring of Momoiro and Mikan. She is the spitting image of her father but carries her mother's pink eyes and black eyelids. We can see this using the GenePoolz tool from Yabiko, which also reveals that Hadairo carries a blue coat gene. How much trouble will this cause down the line? We'll just have to breed more Dalis to find out! 

Hadairo, her profile and GenePoolz info


Hadairo is the end product of breeding those 64 first-gen Dalmatians. She is the first half of the seven-gen pair the Brewery is aiming for. In the same way that Mikan's family tree mirrors Momoiro's (with 16 pairs of first-gen Dalmatians), Hadairo's partner must also come from 64 first-gen Dalmatians (and all the Dalmatians in between)!


So off I go to the Adoption Center...

Kuro: Three Quarters of the Way There!

Last updated: 26/02/21


Kuro is the third out of four grandparents needed (alongside Momoiro and Mikan). One more family of 32 to go and soon Kuro will have a partner. Their pup will be Hadairo's partner! It feels like the project is almost at the finish line already, a lot faster than I anticipated!


Meanwhile, Kuro absolutely blew me away with her black eyes and white lid combo! Her genes are exactly what I'm looking for as well at this stage.


Kuro's profile and GenePoolz info


It would be great to keep these eye colours and Hadairo's in the gene pool, but you never know what will happen with breeding, and what Kuro's offspring will bring to the table!

Iyokan's  Eyes:  A Bump in  the Road?

Last updated: 25/02/21

Of course, being excited about how quickly things are coming along is a sure way to summon a snag! But before I get to that, it's time to introduce our next key player and grandparent, Iyokan!


Another 6 genner, Iyokan looks so similar to Mikan (and Hadairo!) but they are not related. Iyokan is the result of the final family of 32 AC Dalmatians, and for some reason, it took a lot longer with this batch to get the features I was looking for! However, I have been very lucky to get the ginger eye

Iyokan and his GenePoolz info


colour to crop up more frequently, but maybe some colours are just more likely than others? Iyokan's eye colours seem to be very dominant, which is causing the snag I mentioned at the beginning here - breeding Iyokan with Kuro has resulted in mostly ginger and sandy eyed pups (with some other colour mutations here and there). Kuro's black eyes and blue recessive are passed but are yet to show. I don't particularly feel I need more black-eyed pups (as Kuro is perfection there!), but I would like more regular occurance of the blue! I also feel it doesn't bode well for the passing of pink eyes once Iyokan and Kuro's chosen offspring is paired with Hadairo. (For Hadairo, pink eyes are recessive.)

Oranges and Lemons!

This is a small sample of just some of the orange and lemon-eyed pups I have bred recently! As an experiment, I bred Iyokan with Kuro's sister and littermate Ao to see if Ao's dominant blue eyes would affect the chances of them passing. In hindsight, I don't know why it would make a difference, as she has the same gene sheet as Kuro ... but my thinking was that blue might be more 'showable' than black for some reason?! And therefore, more likely to show if it is already showing in a parent. Funnily enough, it hasn't seemed to have changed anything, the offspring mostly show Iyokan's eye colours! I'm baffled as to why his colours are so dominant, but it might just mean I'll have to breed a lot of pups, or move forward with a ginger-eyed pup that carries a recessive blue and hope the blue appears more frequently in the next breeding! Though I've called this a snag, it's not too much of a problem because ginger is one of the main eye colours I want in the final gene pool. Breeding a load of ginger-eyed Dalis suits the Brewery!

So surprise surprise, the next step is ... more breeding!

Hadairo x Haiiro: 7th Gen Parents 

Last updated: 26/02/21

Could it be? Is the Dalmatian project basically complete?! After all my rambling about the dominance of Iyokan's eyes, breeding him with Ao eventually resulted in a handsome, grey-eyed boy: Haiiro! (Patience, it seems, is the most important thing when it comes to breeding!)


I decided to go for a Dali without trace of ginger eyes to allow for more variety (the ginger is still present with Hadairo). I absolutely love the spots on Haiiro's nose, it is my favourite spot pattern, and while it has cropped up a few times in this breeding project, it's been difficult to pin down! I'm glad there'll be a chance for the gen 8 pups to inherit it.


As our second seventh-gen Dalmatian, Haiiro is the product of another 64 first-gen AC Dalis. He and Hadairo bring together 128 AC Dalmatians! All of whom will be viewable at the very end of the puppies' family tree. 

Haiiro and his profile - 7 gens!


So we finally have our seven-gen, purebred, NIB Dalmatian pair! Here is the final gene pool: 

Hadairo genes.png





And what's more, our pair are genuinely in love! Just like Diamond and Cooly, one of our first AC pairings!  

So the next big question is, what of the puppies? 

More about that in the next update!

Until then, here is a sneak preview, demonstrating that previous concerns were all for naught:


Is that a pink-eyed puppy with white eyelids?!

The Brewery's Eight-Gen Dalmatians

Last updated: 27/02/21

Hadairo and Haiiro's puppies are here, our eight-gen, purebred NIB Dalmatians! Here is a selection of my favourites so far:


We got a lot of eye colour variety (that green?!) as well as different coat colours and black lids. The white lids were very common thanks to Haiiro, which could be a problem when the coats


were another colour! But definitely lots of cuties all round! I'm super happy to have bred some pink-eyed white-lidded Dalis, Suki and Shiro! Here's a closer look a Suki's profile and her info in LNZ Pro. This is to confirm her status as an eight-gen, purebred NIB Dali! She has 254 ancestors! 


This brings the Dalmatian portion of our breeding project to a close - we did it! I'm really pleased with the results and we've gained so many gorgeous Dalmatians from each stage of the process! However, we're not quite done yet! As I mentioned in the beginning, a new Sodapup variety is to be brewed from this project and that will be ready to present in the next update to this page.  


Sodapups, Neat!

Last updated: 27/02/21


Every now and then during the project, a ginger Dalmatian or two would crop up and I made sure to keep them safe. These Dalis would enable me to begin a line of purebred NIB Sodapups by breeding them with the white spot OW I use. 

At this stage, I'm not aiming for eight-gen too, but I did make sure to choose Dalis from the same generation, to keep the generations even. Here are two third-gen ginger Dalmatians from two separate families: Cointreau and Spirit! With the OW in place, this pair have produced some adorable fourth-gen, white-spotted, offspring!

Cointreau and Spirit, third-gen Dalmatians


As well as a few in other colours too that are just as cute! The ginger is a staple to the Sodapup concept, but of course lots of other colours should also be made available to reflect the variety of real-life soda!


The pups on the left of the first ginger litter are Citrus (sandy eyes) and Periwinkle (blue eyes). Citrus was paired with another fourth-gen ginger Dalmatian named Squash! With Squash, Citrus produced some fifth-gen Sodapups!

Citrus and Squash, fourth-gen

fifth-gen Sodapups!

Periwinkle meanwhile, is to be this variety's new mascot! I absolutely love the blue/purple colour of his eyes, I believe they are similar to Elderflower's eyes, one of my first Sodas! (Elderflower appears on the homepage and on my Show Dogz page.) So with some more nice pictures of Periwinkle, I introduce the Neat Sodapup variety!



Made of purebred, NIB Dalmatian! Organic. Lots of sweetness! Currently available in fourth or fifth gen, other colours possible but ginger is typical!

Keep an eye out for this new variety on the Sodapup page! Currently, it is limited and not available for request but I'm hoping to organise some adoptions that will be available from the Brewery very soon!

Though we now have our purebred, NIB Dalmatians and Sodapups, this page is not quite finished yet! There will be one more update reflecting on the project and announcing some adoptions.


Last updated: 04/03/21

So with our lines of purebred Dalmatians and Sodapups, the project is officially finished!


Though it has taken me a bit to get these updates posted, getting the Dalmatians I was after happened surprisingly quickly. It was daunting once I'd bred seventh-gen Hadairo, to realise I had to do the same thing all over again with a whole new set of families! But focusing on each step at a time rather than the end goal, made the process a lot more enjoyable, especially as I was able to appreciate the beautiful dogz and interesting genetic events that appeared along the way! Keeping updates on this page also helped, even though I found it tricky to explain the ins and outs of what I was doing at times. 


For anyone wishing to embark on a similar project, I recommend doing batches of eight Adoption Center dogz (or catz!) and naming them after themes (eight film titles for example) and keeping them in folders named after these themes! I'd also suggest having a clear outcome in mind from the beginning, so you can keep on top of the features that you want as they're passed down! Keep checking with the GenePoolz tool as well, it is invaluable! And if you're up for it, start a project page! It's always useful and interesting to see the thought process behind breeding. If you have a similar page, I would love to see it and link to it, so feel free to

message me using the form here. I'm also happy to help if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading this page and following the project with me! I may continue to update this page if I think of more info to add, but in the meantime, check out the Take Away page to see if there are Brewery Dalmatians or Neat Sodapups up for adoption! 



Last updated: 12/06/21

Here you will find some fun extras relating to the project.

Breeding Service

Status: OPEN

This slideshow features pairs from the project that are available to request a breeding from. Multiple generations are represented here, beginning with the latest seventh gen (Hadairo x Haiiro), with more to come going further back! To request a breeding, you can use the form on the Take Away page, but please read the rules below first! Grow your purebred, NIB Dali collection today!


  • One pairing per request. A litter of five will be bred.

  • Pups may be renamed and gender-swapped but otherwise no editing or brexing please!

  • Please include Gin in the prefix if you show.


    If pup is no longer wanted, MPA or return to me! Rules and contact info will be included in pup's profile.



A scrolling record of Supreme Grand Champion Brewery Dalmatians! Click on an image to pause and read!

If you've shown a Brewery Dalmatian and would like them featured here, contact me at the Take Away page.

More Dalmatian Projects

Visit these links to explore more Dalmatian breeding projects by petz professionals! If you have a Dali page, I'd love to see and link it here!


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Dalmatian Breeding


Momoiro x Mikan
Hadairo: Halfway
Kuro: Three Quarters
Hadairo x Haiiro



The project progresses with Kuro's sister Ao in her place. This is simply because Ao was first to produce a suitable offspring! Kuro remains my pride and joy of the project however!

8 Gen Pups
Sodapups, Neat!


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